Shop 4 Sites 1 Checkout!

What's this all about?

Now you can shop the online stores of ShopMarriott.com, ShopCourtyard.com, CollectRenaissance.com or CuratedbyJW.com all at the same time with the convenience of a single checkout.

How do I shop all 4 sites?

It's Easy! Simply browse through any of the 4 shopping sites by visiting ShopMarriott.com, ShopCourtyard.com, CollectRenaissance.com or CuratedbyJW.com. As you find items you'd like to purchase add them to your cart. Items you add from any of these 4 sites will all show up in your shopping cart regardless of which site you're currently on.

How do I switch between sites?

At the bottom of every page you'll notice a help center with a variety of helpful links. Just below that you'll see a listing of

To change sites, click on the site that you'd like to switch to simply click on the logo for the site you'd like to shop. You can also enter the web address of the site directly in the browser address bar by typing in shopmarriott.com, shopcourtyard.com, collectrenaissance.com or curatedbyjw.com.

How do I checkout?

Once you're done adding items to your shopping cart you can begin the checkout process. There's checkout from any of the 4 sites: shopmarriott.com, shopcourtyard.com, collectrenaissance.com or curatedbyjw.com regardless of which items are in your shopping cart.

To get to checkout you can move your mouse over the 'MY SHOPPING CART' link that is featured in the upper right hand corner of every page and click on the CHECK OUT button. This will take you to Step 1 of our 4-Step check out process. One the first step you'll enter your shipping information and you'll get to immediately find out what your shipping costs will be.

Your other option is to click on the MY SHOPPING CART link or the 'View Cart Details' link in the drop down. This will take you to the shopping cart page where you can review all of the items in your cart before proceeding to checkout. From here you can then click the CHECK OUT button to proceed to check out.

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